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Hypnotherapy for weight loss                     is amazingly effective.

Tackling Weight Loss "head-on" with diets &  willpower is a waste of precious time and turns your mind into a stress filled battlefield where you feel like you are fighting yourself.  

With Hypnosis we can help you to Re-Educate your Sub-conscious Mind and Learn to Eat Less and Be Satisfied, Lose Cravings, Exercise Enthusiastically and consequent to all of this Lose Weight Effectively. ( What feels to you Effortlessly).


Our Hypnotherapy programme for weight loss is very special

You will be hypnotised to develop the following:

1. Aversion to foods that are high in    saturated fats, additives and sugar. (ie really hate food like chocolate, cakes crisps chips)
2. Attraction to healthy foods. (fruits, veg)
3. Portion Control.
4. Exercise Motivation.
5. Eating pace ( allows "full" message to get to your brain in time)

IMPORTANT - Yes But Why Do People Become and Stay Overweight?

1). By eating too quickly? - Are you always the first to finish? Did you even taste your dinner or did you just shovel it in? Did you enjoy the flavours, texture and aroma of your meal? Do you feed rather than eat? Hypnotherapy will help you slow down your eating and allow you to actually enjoy eating and become an eater rather than a feeder.

2). By eating to compensate for boredom, lack of love, loneliness? - do you find yourself reaching for the food when you have nothing to do, or when you are alone or you have been dumped? Hypnotherapy will enable you to fully understand your emotions, your reactions to them and allow you to break the link that your subconscious has between emotions and food.

3). By eating to reward yourself? - had a good day...deserve a treat? Rewarding yourself with food might seem a good idea at the time but will only lead to the pounds piling on. Hypnotherapy will enable you to fully understand why you need to reward yourself and once again break the link that your subconscious has between reward and food.

4). By always clearing their plates? - do you ever leave food on your plate? Why not? Don't want to waste it? Was it the way you were taught when young? Do you sit on the settee and just pile the food into your mouth while you watch your favourite soap? Hypnotherapy will help you slow down your eating and allow you to feel the 'stop sign' that tells you when you are full. This factor alone will reduce your food intake dramatically by ensuring that you eat 'consciously'

5). By skipping meals and eating low fat foods? - people who skip meals and eat low fat food are messing around with their metabolism. The brain and the stomach get mixed messages when you eat this way. When eating a low fat yoghurt the brain tells the stomach that there is food on the way, but when it arrives it doesn't produce the satisfaction that was expected. Skipping meals also causes the metabolism to slow down and not process food as efficiently as it should. Hypnotherapy will motivate you to embark upon a regular and healthy eating regime.

6). By overeating to protect themselves? - does the thought of attention from the opposite sex cause you to call for a pizza? Is your partner quite happy with your size and a slimmer you could be a temptation to stray? Do you find yourself yo-yoing when on diets? Hypnotherapy will allow you to explore the root causes of why you eat to protect yourself and allow you to move on and successfully lose weight but permanently this time.



Hypnotherapy for weight loss                     is amazingly effective and so much easier than you would expect.